17 mm, f/8.0, 30 sec, ISO 100
This is the 'Lindenthaler Kanal', a canal located near the university in Cologne, Germany. Those pictures were taken at night, mostly to experiment with long exposure times, up to 30 seconds. The picture above is only subtly edited to give an idea of what the original scene looked like.
I originally came to the scene at midday, but that didn't really work out. So I came back at night.
17 mm, f/4.0, 4.0 sec, ISO 400
This is a bit more stilised. The shot is nearly identical with the first one, but it's ever so slightly tilted.
17 mm, f/2.8, 2.0 sec, ISO 800
A cold look. Went a little overboard with this one I guess. But I like the colors, even though it doesn't even look real any more.
17 mm, f/2.8, 2.0 sec. ISO 800
The other side of the canal. The street-lamps on the left side have different bulbs in them than those on the right side, creating the difference in tonality. At least I think that's what's going on.
50 mm, f/3.2, 1/320 sec, ISO 100
The daylight pictures of the canal didn't turn out well. This is one of the few acceptable ones.
50 mm, f/3.2, 1/640 sec, ISO 400
Note to self: If you're gonna take pictures of stuff in the distance, maybe bring more than a 17 - 50 mm lense …
I kinda like this one though.