So I’ve spent the last few days at this year’s Gamescom. Meeting people, playing games, but mostly taking pictures. There were some pretty cool Cosplayers there – thought I’d share some pictures. I’m not gonna elaborate on which anime or games all of these Cosplays are related to. Because I want you to be able to have fun guessing it by yourselves. Also because I don’t know, mostly.
Also, damn the inconsistent lighting in those halls. I spent hours adjusting the aperture value, shutter speed and sensitivity (semi-automatically, I’ll admit that), trying to find some good middle ground … some of the pictures still turned out a bit under- or overexposed.
If you are one of the cosplayers in those pictures, feel free to contact me (@MoritzLost) so that I can add a link to you Twitter / website / whatever. Likewise, if you want your picture to be removed for some reason, I will of course do so.
Chloe by @DazzlingBowTie
Love this one. There are not enough Life is Strange Cosplayers out there.