This is an attempt to recreate the famous Obama "HOPE"-Poster by Shepard Fairey, using a picture of Hugh Laurie, aka. Gregory House. It doesn't have any special meaning, I just thought it looked cool °ω°
I used Photoshop and Illustrator for this picture. This was the original image (taken from Google. If requested by the original rights holder, I will remove it):
Convert to grayscale, level adjustment and threshold leave me with this.
And then – the key to achieving the stilised look – the cutout filter:
I opened that up in Illustrator, used image trace to convert it to a clear-cut vector graphic and manually adjusted the borders, reducing some of the jags at the edges.
Next step was to add in the colors. I changed the background color to light red and drew the light blue and yellow areas manually with the blob brush tool (it's also possible to do that with Photoshop using Posterize and Gradient Map filters for example, but I find that doesn't really achieve the look and feel of the original).
To get the blue lines on some parts of the yellow areas, I used two horizontal lines with a simple stroke in combination with the blend tool and a transparency mask, revealing the lines only where I wanted them.