I created a logo and t-shirt design for ZAG (central asian university group), a student body at a local university.
The finished logo and an alternative with the full name of the organization.
Shirt design. I went for a limited color palette (right side), but my clients requested a more colorful version. Those are the variants I designed. I tried a more subtle look, but it was important to my clients that the final design should be more colorful and contain the names of the involved countries. We settled on the leftmost variant for the final design.
This was their old logo. It was taken directly from a stock site, so I did a complete redesign. I used some elements of it for the new designs, namely the circular arrangement for the shirt design and the small circles that became the head of the central figure in the new logo. I added the half-moon that is prominent in the logo and emphasised through the color. I also changed the color palette to a more muted one.