A few weaks ago, there was a big lightshow installation called the 'Rheinkomet' in Düsseldorf. Naturally, I tried to get some good shots out of it.
17 mm, f/8, 11 sec, ISO 400
I walked like two miles back and forth, trying out different shooting spots at the shore and on the bridge.
17 mm, f/8, 16 sec, ISO 400
This was as close as I got to it. It was actually too close, I couldnt get the water and the light reflections in the clouds in the frame together, even with a 17mm focal length (on a 1,6 crop sensor though).
Panorama, 2 photos; 17 mm, f/8, 12 sec, ISO 400
This is actually a vertical panorama stitched together from two landscape-oriented photographs.
17 mm, f/8, 15 sec, ISO 200
Normally I would only use ISO 100 for photos like this to get as little noise as possible, but those light beams moved too fast for that most of the time. I tried some longer exposures with lower ISO-settings and it created some interesting results as well, such as the next photo.
17 mm, f/8, 40 sec, ISO 100
One of my favourite shots from that evening. Tried to give it a second layer and different lighting with the street lamps and the light streaks from the cars. The spectators on the left fit in nicely as well.
39 mm, f/8, 30 sec, ISO 200
More light and more water. Not that interesting, but those are some cool reflections.
23 mm, f/8, 6 sec, ISO 400
Absolutely my favourite shot. I tried to create leading lines with the street lamps. I got lucky with the guy on the bike, I think he fits in nicely. I also like the composition of this one the most, the other ones are a bit one-dimensional in that regard.
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